8 Must-Have for a Fashionable Look

8 Must-Have for a Fashionable Look

Fashion accessories determine our style. We use accessories daily. Fashion trends vary throughout time, but certain items are timeless. Even the nicest dress can't glamorize your style as much as a simple item. It adds brightness and elegance to your clothing. 

Our advice may help any woman wear accessories well. With the appropriate mix, it's better. In 2022, all women must have the basics in their closets. Here's our selection of must-have accessories for women.

  • Earrings
  • Earrings enhance your appearance. Matching earrings are essential and they are eye-catching accessories. For basic function or tradition, wear diamond-style, interesting colors, and forms that match your attire. Some workplaces don't allow large earrings, yet stud earrings are formal. They look great, adorable, and trendy. 

    Cork Monstera (Vegan Friendly)
    $38.00 USD
  • Statement Necklace
  • Statement necklaces are immediately noticed whether standing or chatting. Thus, a strong, brilliant, and beautiful statement necklace is essential. They are simple yet crucial for expressing your femininity. It's available in numerous sizes and styles. Some are made with metallic gold and diamond while others are  made in ceramic and leather. 

    Leather Brass and Ceramic Necklaces

    $42.00 USD


    “I love everything that I have purchased from CRAVN, quality stuff! And I always get compliments!”  - Susan L.


  • Ring
  • Any accessory may elevate your look. Your accessories assortment is incomplete without rings. Midi rings, band rings, stackable rings, and cocktail rings are trendy and meant to match your attire. To enhance your hands, rings are attractive.Your style is complete when your rings match your other accessories and clothing. Ring styling adds elegance to your attire. If it’s a sentimental present, we love to wear it. Select the appropriate ring to compliment your outfit.


  • Wrist Accessories
  • Watches, bracelets, and wristbands reveal your style and individuality. Watches come in several sizes, colors, brands, and screens. Classic gold or silver watches work for informal and formal occasions. It displays time and adds elegance. Your budget and personality determine the watch size and design.


    Another attractive wrist adornment is a bracelet or wristband. You can choose it according to your own style and budget whether it's silver, diamond, or gemstone. Meredith of Cravn - created an adjustable cuff 

    made with highest grade leather that will last for many years. 

    Leather Sunshine Cuff
    $30.00 USD

  • Handbag
  • Handbags compliment an outfit. Different-textured handbags may elevate your appearance and convey your style.

  • Seasonal Footwear
  • Shoes should be the focal point of any outfit. Shoes can make or break a first impression. You may draw unwanted attention with poorly picked shoes. Sneakers, boots, jogging shoes, sandals, and formal shoes fit every event and season. Winter style includes trench coats and high heel boots.

  • Scarves
  • Scarves are fashionable in hot and cold weather. A good-quality scarf may dress up a plain outfit. You may wear a scarf in your preferred style, print, pattern, or color. Scarves may be worn casually and formally. They look nice if worn properly. It elevates jeans, t-shirts, blazers, and other outfits. It protects your head, face, and hair from dust, cold, sun, rain, and pollution. Choose a scarf with amazing colors and designs that match your taste. You need to have this accessory in your closet.

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunglasses are another essential item for ladies to seem gorgeous. It protects your eyes and skin from sun rays and enhances your appearance. Your clothing may be plain without sunglasses. Sunglasses can elevate a simple ensemble. Choose the proper frame size and style for your face before spending money to enhance your features and style. In 2022, cat or round sunglasses are hot. These sunglasses work for parties, casual, and formal attire.

    What are your favorite must-have fashion accessories?

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